Web analytics is not just a means for measuring the amount of web traffic but can also be effectively used as a means for business as well as market research, and to evaluate and perk up the effectiveness of a website. Web analytics thus endows with information about the total number or percentage of visitors to a website and the estimated number of page views. It helps weigh traffic and popularity/fame trends which is really helpful for market research.

Web Analytics Audit

Recognize and Classify basic problems with your setting up or data collection

Make sure the statistics you are collecting is truthful and functional

If your Analytics execution is incomplete or imprecise – or has not been set up to report on your advertising mediums– the insights you are acquiring are incorrect and are leading you to mistaken conclusions. The Web Analytics Audit at Galagali Multimedia will ensure you are set up to accept actionable business insights from your statistics/data.


Baseline Web Analytics of your website metrics

  • Examine your website data to comprehend visitor behavioral trends across your website and spot challenges and best opportunities
  • Take account of visitor behavior across your website and recognize areas for improvement, focusing on:
  • 1. Visitor Demographics

    2. Finding Methods (how visitors arrived at the site)

    3. Popular Content

    4. Navigation through the site

  • Identify where you are losing visitors and prospective conversions
  • Offer sophisticated strategies for enhancing your website’s performance.

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