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We’ve all noticed it - websites that sit on the WWW for years, untouched over the years. Unchanged by the varying online ambiance, undeterred by altering business needs- the site merely sits there for years, "mounting up dust" for short of a better phrase.

And that is where Galagali Multimedia and its website redesign services play a pivotal role - we make sure that YOUR business does not fall into a similar trap. As a website design agency, we provide websites that toil on the newest technologies out there, but we also ensure that we are there when you seek to have your website re-designed.

So how do you know if your website is outdated - and call for an update version ?

We have a long, rigid look at your site, and initially discover what precisely we require to update. In a few cases, the whole website requires to be revamped while in other cases, there are only slight changes to be done and we pay attention of those as well. All you have to do is put forward a request on our way and WE will then counsel you on what requires to be done.

website redesigning

What does the procedure of Website Redesign Services involve?

At our website design agency, your website redesigning procedure will comprise of a revamp/update of most of the main components of a website consisting of, but not limited to:

New Graphical User Interface (GUI)/ Layout Redesign:

We'll have an understanding of your GUI and site’s layout, and will (in union with you) come to a decision if it needs to be revamped or not.

Backend Updating:

This may mean renew your site's backend, or upgrading and advancing it to a new version altogether.

Adding new pages/ content/images to the website:

Adding new images, new content and new pages, conditional on your altering business requirements.

Revamp of existing web solutions on the website:

This comprises of updating your online shopping cart software, having the forms on your site updated, and lots more!

Offline and Online SEO (search engine optimization):

This will comprise of updating right keywords, guiding you on best ways to promote your site online in an altering marketplace, brand web consulting etc.

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