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What does Multi Lingual SEO Services offer?

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  • Search Engine Optimization for foreign languages
  • Grow customer base
  • Create multi-lingual online campaigns

About 75% of the Internet is in languages other than English. This means that if you have an international audience, you are reaching only 30% of it! So for example, if you have clients in Spain, probabilities are that they can't discover you. Multilingual SEO for overseas search engines thus should be an essential part of your Digital Marketing strategy.

Galagali Multimedia brings to you multilingual SEO services, which allow you to choose right keywords in most widely-used global languages such as French, Spanish and German.

You don’t have to translate your whole website so as to submit to foreign search engines. Mostly, it is enough to make just one page on your website with foreign language content of your choice, for instance- ‘French’. We shall submit this page, with French content and optimized with French keywords and metatags, to French Search Engines. This page will be appeared to French users when they search you through French search engines, and they will then be directed to your original website, which will be in English.

Furthermore, we don’t target only country-specific search engines. Instead, we target market-specific search engines. For instance, if you want your keyword optimization to be in German, we do not limit your keywords to searches in Germany. Instead, we enhance your website for search engines in every country with a large German population.

With our expert multilingual SEO services, we ensure that you really do reach a larger global audience via the worldwide web.

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