Why Email Marketing Is Powerful

…and how it can work for you.

Some people are of the view that spam or junk mail fundamentally killed Internet Marketing in India. Makes sense, if you mull over it. Don’t we all hate spam? All the more so, people are asserting that with the escalating popularity of social media and business social networks is the looming obsolescence of email.

Well in that case, we’ve got news for you. Email is active and sound, and email marketing will prolong to achieve grip as marketing shifts from globalization to personalization. Although many are stating email marketing conventional and ineffective, the fact remains that it is still one of the top sources for lead generation and management. The benefits of email marketing are something you cannot seal the eyes to for achieving sales targets, brand building and various promotion activities.

Research says that consumers like receiving emails, wherein 91% of consumers check and scrutinize their email list on daily basis, which endows email with the leading communication channel position.

From the content incorporated in the body of the email, length of your subject/ theme line to the ratio of text to pictures can have an effect on the open and click through rates of your mail.

Prior to decreasing your email marketing budget, now, here are few of the reasons why email marketing can boost your branding and business efforts.

Quantifiable and Data-Driven
With the utilization of email marketing software or services, statistics such as delivery, open, click, bounce, and unsubscribe rates are tracked and monitored, so you know exactly how certain campaigns execute. By this way, you can do adjustments as required, enhancing your email marketing efficiency in the course of action.

Permits targeting
With the help of email marketing service provider, customer targeting can be put into operation through lead scoring, which is a categorization method utilized to rank prospects alongside certain criteria. You can’t presume that everybody in your list is prepared, psychologically or otherwise, to make a purchase/acquisition. There are some people that are still in the “interested” phase, and you can’t mail them sales pitches straight off, principally if what they’re seeking for is information to aid them with decision-making functions.

Builds relationships
Establishing customer trust and building brand loyalty takes time. Email marketing allows you to make relationships with prospect customers, leads as well as past and existing customers by openly speaking to them about your brand through their inbox. No need to be concerned about raiding their personal space since they can always check your emails at a time most convenient for them. What more, you can introduce them to fresh products or services, send them newsletters, update about events in their area, discount vouchers, and so on.

It’s concerning your traffic, too
Even as a bulk email marketing approach can have an optimistic effect upon click-through rates or in general traffic levels, what is its worth if the traffic is not of the desired quality? There is no point spending money on generating traffic that isn’t going to switch into a sale, or whatsoever your end goal is. Targeted email marketing can convey the relevant, first-rate traffic you require to augment chances of conversion. There are number of well-known Email Marketing Companies in India such as Galagali Multimedia for web branding solutions and creative email marketing templates that will amplify your business prospectus.

So why will email marketing remain the most resourceful and effectual digital channel?

1. Email helps in instantaneous, direct communication, and is at all times the most professional , well-organized and flexible online channel.

2. People continue to prefer to receive up-to-date information by email from people and organizations they are acquainted with and have conviction. A permission-based approach will turn out to be increasingly imperative as content from other channels grow to be progressively customized.

3. Email is unbeatably used to deliver short, impactful messages, with links to more comprehensive or well-off content. The worth of an email message is often not in what it encloses, but what it implies.