Top 7 Tips To Attract YouTube Traffic

Today YouTube is one of the most popular websites. YouTube provide multiple opportunities for promotions and receiving traffic to your website. Just like Facebook and Twitter, in order to utilize YouTube successfully for the promotion as well as getting traffic, you need to know the rules for this.

Here are some tips that can explain you how to promote yourself as well as your products to get free traffic from YouTube.

1. Posting viral videos
Thousands of videos get uploaded on Youtube on daily bases. If you post a video with the aim to generate anyone’s interest, your video can also go unnoticed same as millions of other videos. The trick to getting essential traffic from Youtube is post useful videos, or even better, viral videos. Viral videos are not only extremely useful but they also appeal to large group of people. If your video gets viral, people will instead promote your video for you. The only thing that remains for you is to enjoy the benefits.

2. Create an interesting profile
Similar to Facebook, Instagram or any social networking website, creating an interesting profile is essential. If people like your videos, they tend to check your Facebook or Instagram profile to know more about you or follow you. If your profile is boring they won’t find your videos appealing anymore. For making your profile interesting, make it informal but don’t go overboard. It will appear as an immature teenager talks.

3. Don’t forget to include your website link and company logo in the video
Your company logo and your website link are most important branding weapons. This is why you have to include them in the video. You can add them in the beginning of the video or at the end. It is best to have your logo as well as URL throughout the whole video because this way you will be gaining lots of exposure but if you can’t do it, the beginning as well as the end would be enough.

4. Post Good Quality Videos
As already mentioned, there is no shortage of videos on YouTube, Unfortunately, this also means there is no scarcity of videos with poor quality. These types of videos don’t go down very well with the viewers; hence if you want people to watch your videos, make certain that your videos don’t include any unnecessary background score or loud noises. Obviously, YouTube is not a platform for the professional videographers. So you can post amateur videos; nevertheless make sure your video quality is upright.

5. Make your video search-friendly
One of the best mode viewers discover your videos is via search, both locally on YouTube as well as on Google. Hence, you require making your videos search-friendly. To do this, add your major keywords in the title and in the descriptions. Also, pay special attention to the tags, list multiple keywords as relevant in the tags, but beware that you don’t get ‘spammy’.

6. Post in series
Standalone videos could turn out to be super hit but it is best if you make series of videos and upload them once a day or maybe once a week. This way, viewers will be aware that there will be more and they will be coming to check again. Even if you don’t make series, in any case try to upload videos on a regular basis – this creates audience loyalty.

7. Post video responses
Video responses are one of the unique things about YouTube and you should take full advantage of it. Search your niche, choose the most popular videos in your niche and post video responses to them. Just be careful that the response you post is related to the video you are responding to and don’t make your video response a blatant self-promotion.