Choosing Social Media As Your Next Revenue Booster

Are you seeking for perfect ways to boost the performance of your digital marketing plan and make every money count? Do you want to learn how to convert your social media marketing into a revenue booster? Someone who knows the value of social media is Galagali Multimedia, Social Media Marketing Consultant based in Thane.

So, which social platform you got to invest in?

Believe it or not, social media marketing platforms are now formulated to be commercial boosters, in actual fact without its advertising proceeds, they might not be an influential as they are today. Earlier this year, a study reported that Facebook is soon going to emerge as the next game changer with fast growth in user advertising expenditure.

Check out our guide to learn what tactics you can adopt and how they will jump-start your social media business campaign to turn out to be the conversion driver you are seeking for.

Facebook and Instagram

Whether you’re acquainted with Facebook’s capability to intensify your brand or not, it yokes the most powerful tools available in comparison to its contending ad platforms.

  • Learn about your audience’s interests and behaviours that you weren’t aware of.
  • Facebook marketing is simply just cost-effective – Facebook endows with the most profitable avenues when bringing traffic to your website.
  • Upload your own information – Create our very own exceptional audiences for Facebook Marketing and Instagram Marketing as well as use the power of its algorithm. It will station your data to gain even more users recognized as similar audience.
  • Track adaptations by means of the third-party tools that includes Google Analytics. Since Google will merely track conversions in a one-day window, Facebook will utilize its 28-days attribution window so as to match up who has well been converted.
  • Facebook endows with integrations via a range of partners that includes eCommerce platforms such as Shopify and CRM software like Salesforce.
  • Got an app to endorse? There’s a campaign goal for this too. Simply just track installations to in-app engagements.
  • In case your business would get advantage from Instagram Marketing, you’ll have access to the same tools just like Facebook.


Whilst many reports claim that Twitter marketing prices are very economical, it’s significant to mull over how you seek to use Twitter Marketing as part of your business strategy to increase conversion rate. The twitter ads may be pretty cheap, but they don’t certainly lead to sales.

  • Twitter social media marketing offers a range of objective-based campaigns that comprises of awareness, conversion and app installations.
  • Set in your own data – Create your very own exclusive audience. Your Twitter account will need a lot of data so as to reach across its audience.
  • Simply get into your website traffic and remarket as per diverse audiences. As said above, you got to have a strong percentage of website data for this to perform well.
  • Apart from tapping into Twitter’s audience interests, you can implement hashtag and work on targeting into your twitter campaigns. This is a best way of personalizing your targeting and fetching users who are more connected with your business.


If your business functions in a B2B industry, then LinkedIn Marketing can offer you a way to conversions be it through your website or a native LinkedIn campaign management.

  • No matter what type of goal you wish to attain, LinkedIn advertising is somewhat expensive, and you’ll need to invest a significantly larger budget to anticipate a return.

The Final Verdict:

If you wish to see a quick return from social media marketing services, then we say Facebook wins big time.