5 Tips To Build A Successful Website

If you’re a webmaster or a website owner, this article is for you: These 5 ideas can help you to develop better and more successful websites. We suggest hiring a web programmer if you can’t write the HTML source code. Even if you’re able to develop a website on your own, it’s tough to separate the technical stuff from the marketing part.

Each website project begins with a plan
Note down your ideas to have a proper plan and think about which sections in your website project are required. Think about which sections you need for your products or services, you will need those very soon for the keyword analysis. If possible sketch a simple diagram; this will help you in future to recollect how your first website’s structure was planned.

Do some research, as which keywords need to be used to find your website
The traffic from Google or other search engines is best for conversions on your website. To get your site in Google’s search results you need to have complete knowledge about which keywords are used by your customers. By using the Google Ad Words Keyword Tool it’s easy to find the most popular keywords. Just access the tool and enter 3-5 important keywords which are related to your product or service. From the generated list of keywords, it’s foolishness to select those with the highest search volume because it’s very difficult to compete with existing and more established websites. Opt for the keywords with a “higher” volume and check for each of them the competition in Google Search.

Choose a stylish layout-Website template.
A ready to use website template is a good option for your CMS based or regular website if your design-budget is limited. Go through the plan you made before selecting a web template for your site. It’s quite normal that people choose a design because it looks so good and then later they have problems to use a template for the website. If you like innovative animations and/or sound, a Flash template is something for you. But don’t forget that you need different software and vast knowledge to edit Adobe Flash files.

Writing unique content for your new website
Perhaps you want to spice up the content on your site, or you’re thinking to buy a website and improve it editorially. Analyze the results from your keyword analysis for the text you need to write for your website. Use a set of 3-5 keywords for particular section or page, use more keywords if your text is longer or else less if your extract is short. It’s vital that the most important keyword is used inside the headings and the page title (title element) and don’t forget to use the keyword in the matter as well. Sometimes it is better to write down the information first and think afterward about where to use the keywords. Spend some more time to create great headers.

Building the Website
If you opt for a Content Management System, the building process is too limited. It depends on the CMS. You need to install several required extensions like an SEO plugin or module (to optimize your website for search engines). If you build your site from the scratch you need to convert your website template into a website. It’s mandatory to use the different header tags (h1, h2, and h3). Use a creative page title and use the “alt” attribute inside your image tags. Skip the Meta keywords as they are mostly ignored by most search engines. A Meta description is important as the description is often used as the “snippet” inside search engines.