5 Digital Marketing Tips During COVID-19 Crisis| Coronavirus Marketing Ideas

Based on your industry, you may have observed your sales and revenue fall in recent times, on account of the Coronavirus. Nearly all major sectors have witnessed an almost total termination of activity and have had to revolutionize to endure.

There is a great reason to shove your marketing focus online in the present. People are spending much of their time at home (either readily or on account of limitations on movement) and are going onto the web more often.

Here are some digital marketing ideas you can consider in this time of the Covid-19 pandemic:

1.Stay Connected With Your Customers On Social Media

People make use of their social media accounts more than ever during challenging times. This is mainly the case if they are frightened or uncertain about what is happening around them. If you reside somewhere in lockdown, then social media will be one of the most substantial forms of communication. .

Certainly, people at the moment may not be planning to avail high-end, luxury services.  But they will still be interested in you. They will take specific notice of valuable, interactive content you may share, and are expected to recall your name, even if they have on no occasion utilized your services formerly.

2.Improve Your Online Presence

More people are online now as compared to previous times. They are also turning cautious of personal interactions. But that does not mean that they have lost curiosity in the businesses around them.  In some situations, the imposed time alone has given people more chances to make Google searches and explore possible items to purchase.

You may require to modify your website to replicate present demand better. Though, remember that hiring best digital marketing agency has one noteworthy benefit over most other types of marketing agencies. When you choose digital marketing services, you don’t require any face-to-face interaction. It is also one of the most quantifiable types of marketing, making it simple to set precise ROI goals.

3.   Enhance Your Webite’s SEO

It’s all very good having a better-quality digital presence, but that is worth nothing if people cannot find their way to your website. Any company with a website requires to run good search engine optimization (SEO) principles, if they do not wish to end up lost amidst the competition.

Google and the many search platforms constantly change their search engine algorithms, so you need to ensure that your website often changes to match with the trends. Top copywriters and content marketers understand how to draft their content keeping SEO in focus. Similarly, your developers must be able to make sure that your website functions in such a way to make it simple for the search engines.

The aim of proper SEO services is that when your budding customers hunt for keyword terms related to your industry, your site posts and pages appear up near the top of the search results, if at all possible, in the first few positions. There is race for these slots, meaning you must intend to have better SEO services than others in your segment.

4.   Use PPC Advertising

With more people being stuck at home in front of their mobile/computer screens, it’s an amazing opportunity for industries to use PPC advertising to engage with their customers and get a competitive advantage. Oh, and it’s an amazing chance to save more within your digital marketing budget. On average, cost-per-clicks have reduced by 6 percent across all verticals in recent phase. CPC is expected to continue to decrease in the coming days, dropping the amount of money an advertiser pays a publisher for each ad click.

5.Utilize This Down Time To Tick Off Your Digital To-Do Lists

Since now you’re not commuting to the office or conducting in-person meetings, your schedule has possibly freed up some time for you. Those marketing items which might have dropped through the cracks and been ignored can now be emphasized

Maybe your website requires a fresh look with a redesign. Our website designer professionals can renovate your website in two months all while functioning remotely. This is also best time to have a digital marketing agency specialist conduct a CRO audit of your website to ensure your call-to-actions (CTAs) are converting leads into customers. Likewise, it’s an ideal time to do an SEO audit of your website to confirm you’re make the most of your optimization strategies.